This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and UltraShape blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. As people get older, they lose elasticity in their skin. Everything that used to be up now sags down. Americans spend millions of dollars on surgical procedures to recapture their youth long gone. Sometimes these procedures are painful and can take months to recover from keeping you from doing the things you love. Imagine having liposuction to tighten up those last few pounds after working hard to lose the first 45 pounds, only to be told no more working out while you recuperate. What? Now you might lose muscle tone, strength and your drive to help keep it off. How frustrating!

Ultrashape Blogger 20150616 Final (1)[quote align=’right’]Ultrashape is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-surgical body-shaping procedure that uses pulsed, focused ultrasound to permanently reduce stubborn fat around your midsection.[/quote]Ultrashape is a new procedure which targets the unwanted, stubborn weight from your midsection and is relatively painless.

You will also have zero downtime and can get back to your day to day immediately. This means you can stay motivated to help keep off that weight you worked so hard to lose. Many people have such fantastic results it is almost too good to be true. Your belly weight is usually the last to go when dieting, and can take years of crunches to even see a glimmer of change. UltraShape sounded like an awesome alternative.

ultrashape machine

Over the past few months, I completed the Ultrashape procedure three times. Now keeping in mind this program is not a weight loss procedure, my results are in. I lost 1 pound and 1 inch. I’m not sure I put so much stock in the tape measure method. I’ve always wondered how general bloating, your breath, what you ate that day, posture and unintentional sucking in were taken into account. Everytime Sonia measured, she marked the same spot she used last time determined by measuring from the floor up and then around. You can see my post explaining the procedure here. The picture below was taken the day after my last appointment. I don’t have the belly of a 22 year old, but I don’t think I look half bad for 42! Stretch marks and all, I am happy with the way I look!


If you look at my before and after pictures you can see a difference I don’t believe was measured. In hindsight, I would have measured more than one spot around my waist. You can see changes in the shape on my lower belly especially in the picture below. Ultrashape would make a great choice to those looking for a body contouring alternative to invasive surgery like liposuction. It works best when you follow a sensible diet and keep active. You can find the FAQ about the procedure on the UltraShape website.

Ultrashape results

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