I am on the go a lot, and sometimes I do not have time to sit down and prepare a full healthy meal. My kids and husband also seem to like to eat a tad differently than me and splurge on pizza and fast food once in a while. When they do that or if I need a quick meal after a long day that is still healthy, I like to grab a Lean Cuisine. Good thing they sell them in bulk at my Sam’s Club. This means that I can not only save time by eating a prepared meal, but also save time by buying in bulk. Mason was helping me shop and he told me this was his favorite flavor and I should eat that first! (He really said pizza, but I guess Lean Cuisine is harder to say)


They already have the Asian meals, which are my preferred choice based on taste,  bundled all in one six pack so I do not have to fish through a whole freezer full of options. By buying them all at once I save money over purchasing them individually. At $11.25 for 6 that equates to $1.88 per meal. If I had a coupon or even six, I could apply one to each item I am purchasing to save even more money. Sam’s prints out coupons in their flyers and emails, so it is a great idea to check out their Sam’s Club Nestle Showcase. You can find Lean Cuisine on Facebook and Twitter. Please view out my whole path to purchase in my Google Plus Album to take a peek at how we shop at Sam’s.

Frozen Foods

Choosing A Healthy Meal

Now that I am older, I am on a constant vigil to keep my weight manageable. It seems that my metabolism is not quite what it used to be, and even though I have stepped up my walking routine and am choosing a healthy meal over the higher calorie ones. I am still posed with the challenge of time. I just do not have time to create a full meal for my family, and then again for me. So, it is nice to have options that still correlate with my weight management. These are the three choices that come with the Asian Medley in the frozen foods section at Sams.

Lean Cuisine Frozen Meals

When I am extra hungry or even feel the need to snack, I pair a Lean Cuisine meal with a salad or a piece of fruit and my cravings are satisfied. I do not feel it necessary on a regular basis to add veggies to the meal because a serving is already deliciously in the meal. Look how tasty the Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry is right out of the box.

Frozen Meals

My 19-year-old son is in training and tries to keep his weight low, so he was thrilled when I bought Lean Cuisine. He is partial to Asian Cuisine and I barely had time to finish plating and taking pictures before he snagged it. I caught him sneaking it behind the couch (like I could not see him). I would rather him sneak a healthy food than a chocolate cake though!


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  1. I love Lean Cuisine and so does my boys who try to eat healthy, hard to keep them in the freezer!

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