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Who else is excited for football season? I get so giddy during preseason. I just want it to start already! Living in my house, we only have two seasons. Forget spring, summer, fall and winter. We operate on football season and not football season! I grew up in a family that took vacations specifically to attend sporting events. I am so lucky to have found a spouse who appreciates sports as much as I do! The excitement starts in the end of April during the NFL draft when we get to see all of the great talent that our beloved Miami Dolphins will get to utilize this season. As a young girl I was taught to be a New York Giants fan. My husband did not have a professional football team. Instead, he rooted for the University of Alabama. Living in Southwest Florida, it’s difficult not to root for our sunny Miami team, the Miami Dolphins. Before having children, Chris and I went games regularly. Tailgating in Miami is a unique experience with parking lots packed with deejays, corn hole games and grills and coolers as far as the eye can see.

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My Go-To Home Tailgating Look

Driving down to Miami isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. Chris and I have resorted to bringing our tailgating experience to our family friendly living room and home tailgating. Not having to buy tickets, parking and tailgating supplies allows us to save a ton of money. Just because we aren’t driving 2 hours south to attend a game doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look good at home! Getting dressed in my turquoise and orange reaffirms my commitment to my team and lets me show my pride at the same time. I hop on and browse the Miami Dolphins gear on occasion. is a great place to pick up all of your game day favorites. They carry everything from jerseys to t-shirts to office supplies, with something for everyone! I actually stumbled upon a great look that I will be rocking this season, consisting of a cozy dress, a versatile scarf and a pretty and wildly popular bangle bracelet! I also added a new Miami Dolphins cup to my order, for good luck, of course!

at home tailgating look

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