My Great Husband!

This guest post from Lewis Beck

What would I do without my husband? When I lost my job last year we both thought we’d get in over our heads – there were obviously no more jobs available in the area and I’d been the primary breadwinner for our family for several years. Without me knowing he actually got on our WildBlue High-Speed Internet Alabama and started looking for something new and in less than two months he found it. We’re going to have to move to Birmingham but he’s going to be making twice what he was making before and I can continue to look for something part time so I can stay home with the kids. I love him to death and I’ve never felt more taken care of so I guess you could say he’s now the primary breadwinner in the family! I never asked him to go out of his way for this family but it’s just something he does because he believes it’s a man’s duty which I really respect about him.