My hare line

I have recently had the opportunity to review a children’s book series called “My Hare Line“! I am always looking for new reading material for our nightly reading sessions before bed.  Anyone with small children knows that they like to read the same books all the time and as the narrator of these books I jump at new and exciting stories for my children.

The first book in the series is: My Hare Line and it is nonfiction.  It tells a captivating story of the author receiving her first bunny and what she learned the first year.  I loved the story, I learned a lot of interesting facts about rabbits and how to care for them.  My favorite parts were the realization of new bunnies being born, what a nice surprise that must have been and then the rabbits overcoming a terrible tragedy and taking care of their own.
The second book in the series is: My Hare Line Meets The Brown Rabbit and it is fiction. It’s a story about a displaced brown rabbit whose home was destroyed by the construction of a mall.  The rabbit became friends with a bird who helped him find safety at the Warden’s house (the one place he was always warned to stay away from).  The Warden’s loved rabbits and dedicated much of their life to them and their care.  They notice the new brown rabbit living in their bush and start to feed it as well, although that brown rabbit thinks he is invisible to everybody around him.  Such a great story with lessons to be learned about what we are doing to our environment.
The third book in the series is: My Hare Line and The Dead Tree and it is fiction.  In this book the brown rabbit figures out he is no longer invisible, the other rabbits accept him and they work together to warn the other rabbits of danger.  Luckily when danger strikes, no one is hurt!  I love how this story depicts how nature (if your paying attention) tells us what’s happening around us or whats about to happen.
The last two books are works of fiction but most of the content is true as the stories are told from the rabbit’s point of view (and the last time I checked rabbit’s don’t talk…verbally that is)!!  The books have a juvenile rating.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these books to my children over and over.  The real life pictures of the rabbit’s in their natural habitat enjoying their little lives was a great feature. Seeing them in the pictures makes the story so much more real.  It makes me want to go out and get my own pet rabbit (thank goodness I read these after Easter).  These books have become some of my daughter’s favorite books as well and when asked her favorite thing about the books “I like the pictures”…like mother, like daughter I guess.  The other nice feature is the size of the book they are a great size for little hands, they remind me of the photo books I make, its a nice change.  The author, Patsy M. Henry did a wonderful job with these books and we look forward to her next book in the series to see what happens next!
At the end of each book there is a free download of the audio version of the book, so they can listen to the stories over and over (when you have grown tired of reading)!  The books are $9.99 for paperback and $15.99 for hardback plus shipping and can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, and Tate Publishing.  Check them out of Facebook!


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