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Some might think an online dating site is just silly, but I know different. I met my husband online, and I cannot think of a more perfect match for me than him or for him than me. I had dated many guys from all walks of life. Rich men, poor men, fancy men, red fish, blue fish, and even tried them with eggs and ham! I could not find the guy for me! I was not a church-goer and did not want to meet the father of my children in a bar. I wanted to have a family, and meeting the guy of my dreams on the little island I lived on or at my job was simply not an option if I wanted a happy life! I turned to online dating and was really surprised to find my match so quickly.  His profile was matched up with mine based on a few basic questions, but the cincher, the reason I knew I was going to marry this guy, was his bio.  He was funny, no-nonsense, and I just knew with all my heart I had to meet this guy. The problem was, the fee. I had to pay a fee to talk to him, and he had to pay a fee to talk to me. My mom was there, and being a mom, she whipped out her card and paid before I could say hello and had emailed him using my name answering the question “What makes your life funny” with “My whole is funny”.  She meant to say my whole life is funny, but made a BIG typo! I had to cross my fingers and hope he would over look that typo and be willing to pay to talk to me. Being the funny guy he is, he replied, “I don’t know really how to respond to that, but want to talk?”  three months later we were engaged and 4 years later we are married with two kids! The longest and BEST relationship I have ever had.

What is cool about  is that this site offers 100% free dating services without any hidden charges. Members can send messages to each other, watch video, write blogs, rate photos and use video chat all without wondering if the other person will want to pay to talk to them. If you are single, take a chance go mingle and meet online!

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