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I love new and exciting books to read to my children, I always jump at the opportunity to review children’s books.  When I came across My Mommy is a Blogger by Sommer Poquette I was so excited to read it.  As a blogger myself, I thought it would be the perfect book to explain what it is I actually do.  I wasn’t disappointed AT ALL, I absolutely loved the book and so did the kids.  I love how it talks about blogging in a fun and humorous fashion.  It goes to show you that what you say and what people think you are saying are two different things.  Example: “My Mommy is a booger” vs. “My Mommy is a blogger” and “chirping” vs. “tweeting”, this actually made me laugh of loud because I know I have had the occasion where I said something and someone thought the complete opposite of what I said.  It brings to light that you need to be careful what you say and how you say it.  And even though blogger’s are working on a computer and not in an office there are still politics and not so nice people (aka trolls) and that the best policy really is to ignore them.  Bloggers work very hard at what they do and put in a lot of time and effort to be the best blog they can be and help the businesses they work with succeed.

One of my favorite parts of the book is where she talks about getting to stay in her pajama’s all day.  This statement hit home for me and actually made me laugh out loud again…my husband teases me when he sees me in my pajama’s when he gets home from work and says “today must have been a pj day”!  I’m not too proud to admit it, I would rather be in my pj’s all day every day over a suit and pantyhose.

I think that all Mommy Blogger’s should read this book to their children and family, I know for one that my family didn’t quite understand what I did and why.  Thanks to the book, it has given them a better understanding.  The illustrations are awesome as well, using bright colors and large pictures.  Sommer did a fantastic job depicting the day and the life of a Mommy Blogger (she is a Mommy Blogger herself so it only makes sense, right?)!  Check out her blog!

My daughter has her first show and tell this week at school and she asked if she could take the book with her.  That made me feel proud, not only because she loves the story but because she wants to tell her class about her Mommy being a blogger!

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