I got a new cell phone from HTC when I was at BlogHer ’11. It was a Thunderbolt. At the same time my Droid X had been returned to Best Buy for the fourth time since February when we bought it. Yes, thank goodness for the black tie plan. Anyways, at the same time they deiced to reward my patience and frustration with a brand new cell phone. Go figure, two phones at once. So, I did what any good wife would and gave one to my husband. Now we can video chat! That is a super nice feature because we miss seeing him after six weeks of him being gone, and a little video chat goes a long way with the kids. They are really funny spending full minutes of just making faces at each other.

The problem, however, is now all of my cell phone accessories are for my old phone! Ugh! Now I have to go buy a new skin, cover, case, etc. When I have been shopping online for cell phone leather cases I have come across quite a few I would like. I have decided I like the kind that go all the way around like a skin and they feel sort of like rubber. A clip would be nice too so I can clip it to the outside of my purse and not have to dig into it all the time searching for where my phone is. Leather would even be nice as it is naturally protective LOL. I drop my phone a lot so I need some sort of protection. Actually, I have already dropped my BRAND NEW phone twice on the concrete and it has dings. It makes me so sad. I also really need a skin to keep me from scratching the surface.

So anyone know of a cell phone accessory place wanting to do a review with Makobi Scribe?