MyLife Social Network

It can get a little frustrating flipping back and forth between Facebook and Twitter some days.  There are a lot of days that I feel like have missed out on opportunities for that very reason. I realize not everyone has this problem because they may not be social media junkies.  Although, I think anyone can benefit from going to one site that will then pull in other social media venues.  It is a matter of convenience too. Have you ever heard of MyLife?  MyLife is a social network application that makes it easy to stay connected with everyone, all in one place, for free. It can easily manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with one single app. How sweet is that?

I know there are several sites that do allow social media management in one place, but they really do just allow for management without a social networking aspect.  However, MyLife not only allows you to manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkIn, but it also allows you to discover new personal and work connections. In other words, it is a great way to connect with old friends and network with new ones as well! You can actually search 700 million profiles, and see who is searching for you! is available on-line and it is available through iTunes.

Personal Relationship Manager is the leading personal relationship manager, providing a revolutionary social communications platform connecting 60 million members, and growing. You can get all your social network updates and email messages, all in one place.  That is an amazing amount of members for networking connections!  Plus I love the portability of this application.  Since it can be downloaded on my iPhone I can take it anywhere I go and not miss a thing. I can not wait to see the future of this application and its growth.