Picking a unique and beautiful gift can be challenging. I always want the person I’m shopping for to absolutely love what they are getting. NanoStyle Jewelry is a unique jewelry shop that sent me their beautiful Taurus Zirconia Pendant. This store has lovely pieces of jewelry and perfect for gifts or little tokens of love for yourself.

The Taurus Zirconia Pendant, I received for this review, is for my sister. My sister is my best friend! She shares the same zodiac sign as my daughter Paige. Whenever Paige does something cute, my sister says “It’s because she is a Taurus”. I thought this necklace would be perfect for Brittany (my sister) since she loves the fact she is a Taurus and she loves jewelry (what lady doesn’t?). A Taurus is known for their loyal, sensible, patient, and artistic personalities. Those characteristics definitely describe my sister. The Taurus Zirconia Pendant I received has a 8mm round emerald cubic zirconia stone (birth stone) engraved with a 24 karat gold zodiac taurus sign. The stone was set sterling silver and came on a 45cm curb silver chain. The Taurus Zirconia Pendant can also be purchased with a Crystal, light-Amethyst, Opalite, or Light-Garnet stone. The stone can be set in a top gold or 14 KT Gold. There are several beautiful chains to choose from depending on the metal you choose. The Taurus Zirconia Pendant are priced $95-$263. I also received a neat key chain magnifying glass. The magnifying glass is for showing off your precious sign on your necklace. NanoStyle sells other precious Zodiac Pendants such as the Taurus Zirconia Pendant I received, as well as the Onyx Pendant.

If you are looking for other unique cubic zirconia pendants, NanoStyle’s user-friendly website makes browsing and shopping fun. The pendants are organized by Tokens of Love, Christianity Zodiac, Universal, Christianity, Judaism, and New Age. They are then categories by price, size, stone type, shape and color. NanoStyle even has a great selection of chains.

To see all of NanoStyles beautiful jewelry visit their website:  and don’t forget to follow them on facebook and twitter!