National Geographic Kids Halloween Book of FunNational Geographic Kids Halloween Book of Fun Giveaway

I really enjoy celebrating Halloween with my family. We start October 1st and don’t stop till the last knock on our door Halloween night. To keep our October filled with Halloween fun, I plan crafts, snacks, games, parties and play dates throughout the month; that’s a lot of days to fill with fun! So, I was more than thrilled to receive a copy of National Geographic Kids Halloween Book of Fun! to review. This book is packed full of all things Halloween! It has so many different activities, ideas for crafts, games, costumes, recipes and tips on how to host the perfect Halloween party for your family and friends.

When The National Geographic Kids Halloween Book of Fun! arrived, I knew I’d have to sneak a peek at it before my kids got their hands on it or I might not get it back. I was right! No sooner than I sat down to take a look at the book, I heard my son, yelling, “Mommy, that’s a BIG Halloween book! Can I look at it?” He was so excited to see all the fun costumes, snacks and activities included in the book.  We picked out a few of his favorites:  games to play, treats to make and talked about all the costumes featured in the book. Then my daughter came in, crawled into my lap beside her brother to get a glimpse at this book and caused a bit of commotion.  Let’s just say that there was some “tug-of-war” action between my kids to look through the book. Once they calmed down, we all sat together and went through page by page to pick our favorites. Our top favorites in the book were the items-search activities like Hidden Halloween, Photo Find and Haunted Room, the Halloween Pets on Parade article featuring pet friendly costumes, pumpkin carving tips and tricks, the Monster Maze game, and all the Do-It-Yourself Halloween costume ideas. This 80-paged book has so many “spooktacular” Halloween themed ideas and activities geared towards kids of all ages. I was relieved the book focused on Halloween without including images or stories too scary for younger children. Until now, I haven’t considered National Geographic books or magazines for my children because I thought my children were still too young. I was wrong. National Graphic has a kid-friendly version of their magazine, National Geographic Kids and a series of books called, National Geographic Kids Book of Fun. National Geographic Kids Halloween Book of Fun is the second book in this Book of Fun series. Now that I know there are National Geographic publications geared towards young children, I will be looking into the magazine subscription, the Book of Fun series and I’ve also liked the National Geographic Kids Facebook page and started following the National Geographic Kids Books’ twitter page. It’s always great to find another fun and educational resource for my children. If you’d like a change to win The National Geographic Kids Halloween giveaway, fill out the Rafflecopter below.  National Geographic Children’s Books has offered our readers a chance to win a “No Tricks, just treats” Halloween prize in this giveaway that includes a copy of National Geographic Kids Halloween Book of Fun!, two pens, a bucket,  and a flashlight.
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