National Geographic Kids Weird But True Book

Educational Books for Kids is National Geographic’s Specialty. I can’t wait for Christmas morning for my four year old son, Tate, to open the National Geographic Kids Weird but True book.  For as active and physical as Tate is, he could sit for hours and “read” books.  He loves books about animals, nature and flying and loves to look at cool pictures.  This book has it all and I’m sure it will keep him entertained for hours.  What I love about this book is that he is also learning while he is having fun!  There is not much that would get my rambuncious preschooler to sit down and I’m convinced that I have found the solution!

Educational Books for Kids

I love that the National Geographic Kids Weird but True book is not only fun but its a great educational book for kids.  The hardcover book is 192 pages filled with over 1,000 wild and wacky facts and photos.  The book is loaded with large bright pictures that would interest even children that couldn’t read for themselves, like my son Tate.   I know already that one of his favorite parts of the book is going to be about “Awesome Animals in Action”.  It’s a whole spread page about different animals doing crazy stunts, such as the Snowboarding Dog and the Surfer Cat!  Some of the amazing chapters include “Going to Extremes”, “On the Move” and “Freaks of Nature”.  There are over 200 themed spreads including wacky inventions and freaky weather phenomena.  Did you know you know that a Sea Otter has over 800 million hairs on its body?  Get ready to learn crazy facts like this as well as so many others by reading National Geographic Kids Weird But True book.

Educational Apps for Kids

Parents and children alike will be happy to know that there is a “Weird But True” app for your phone, a wonderful educational app for kids.  Everyone is carrying around an iPhone these days and its nice to know that you can let your child use for phone but also be doing something educational as well as fun!  The Weird but True app has been given a 5 star rating and I am sure that your kids will love it almost as much as the book.  Like a little challenge?  There is also a “Weird But True” online quiz!  Challenge your family to a little competition to see who knows their wacky facts the best!   Follow them on Facebook for some more fun facts and pictures!

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