Natural Products for Your Family

Natural Products For Your Family

I think it is a good idea to try and find natural products for your family.  I know that many of the true natural and organic products are a bit more expensive than what we were using, but if it works and saves the environment, it is worth it.  From early on in our diagnosis of Henry’s autism, we learned he was highly sensitive in smell, touch and feel, so I began making my own cleaning products.  We threw away every store bought cleaner or chemical we had.  I think many parents don’t know that many of the children and baby products they are using may contain potentially hazardous chemicals.

Jack Be Natural is a family owned business that has made it a priority to provide their customers with the safest natural products possible.   Parents Stacy and John do exhaustive research before they will consider selling a product.  I don’t have time to research every item I buy, so knowing they have done that for me is of monumental reassurance.  They are literally putting my children’s heath in their hands and I appreciate that very much.   Their simple mantra is to educate parents on the advantages of buying and using natural products for the well-being of other families as they have found for their own family.  As I have said before, it seems the companies that have other families’ interest as their priority, also give back.  Jack Be Natural donates a portion of their proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and is always on the lookout for other organizations to work with.  They also have a great (and I think pretty rare) payback program for their customers.  For every $15 you spend, Jack Be Natural gives you $1, which factors out to a 7% payback, and they keep track for you so you don’t need to keep up with an elaborate rewards system.  I like that a lot!!!

Go Green And Save Money

Since I decided to be environmentally responsible, I wondered if I could go green and save money.  I am about to squash every myth you have ever heard about how much more it costs to go green.  You can thank me later!  I was given the opportunity to choose the items I wanted to review from Jack Be Natural and decided on the Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent – Soft Rock Remix (45/90 Loads) (retail value $19.95-1.40 cash back) and the Rockin’ Green Magnetic Laundry Scoop ($3.50-.25 cash back).  I am going to tell you how quickly I became a Rockin’ Green Detergent follower.  I opened up the resealable bag and the scent was fresh and clean and the consistency is like powdered sugar.  The magnetic laundry scoop has 2 size scoops; one for 90 and one for 45 loads.  I have a large capacity washing machine, so I used the larger scoop.  I want to know how a small amount  can wash so many clothes.  I guess it’s like a magic trick or something!!  The magnetic laundry scoop attaches to the side of the machine, so I won’t lose it.  My clothes were fresh, clean and soft and I was sold.  Now for the drum-roll please…..the difference between the cost of the Rockin’ Green detergent and a comparable well-known brand was…are you ready…wait for it….$2.70 total.  HELLO!  If I am only paying less than $3 for a product that is natural and safe for my family, then it is a no brainer to me!!  How about you?!

Two winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to be used at Jack Be Natural (where shipping is always free)

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