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Naturally Skinsational Recipe Review

When I first started reading the ebook, Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes, that I was sent for review, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do more: wear the homemade mixes or eat them! The recipes resemble some of my favorite smoothies. With recipes for Mimosa Magic (a skin toner), Hot lavender Mist (a steam solution), and skinsicles (daily mist spray), my stomach actually started to growl as I read how to make them. I decided I should just stick to the plan and just use the recipes to make my own skincare products. So, I grabbed a snack and continued to read. The recipes incorporate most items that are readily available at my local grocery store with a few things that may take an extra trip to my local health food store. This book includes helpful tips on matching the recipes to skin types, how to use them, and how often.

I do have to admit that since I have very sensitive skin, I was a little hesitant to try new products, but as recommended, I decided to do a small test patch on my skin before slathering it all over. The first recipe I made was the Minty Fresh Face Wash. It is a simple 3-ingredient recipe that used items I already had in my pantry. Even after I made it, I considered tasting it, but instead used it to wash up. The Minty Fresh Face wash was refreshing to my skin and the clean up was easy. It was a great first recipe to try. If you are interested in trying a few natural homemade skincare recipes, check out these sample recipe cards provided by the makers of Naturally Skinsational. You can download them here.


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