Nature's Sleep Mattress Contest

Nature’s Sleep has the memory foam product for you. Based in Florida, and created by a man who has plenty of experience with back pain, the Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattress can help you get a cool, pain-free night’s sleep. There are several memory foam mattress product lines to fit your every need and budget. From the top-of-line Gel memory foam mattress to the economical memory foam toppers, each product is made with the highest concerns for health, well-being, hygiene and lifestyle. The majority of Nature’s Sleep products are washable, anti-microbal, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and allergen resistant and are ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

You can purchase mattresses in all sizes, toppers, adjustable frames, foundations, slippers, pillows, and even dog beds. Right now through this Pin-To-Win a Great Night’s Sleep promotion, if you use code: PIN2WIN you will get 25% off the entire website excluding adjustable foundations. You will also get free shipping with every order. See what Nature’s Sleep has to offer you, and shop now. This offer is valid for US only, and ends August 15, 2013.

Nature’s Sleep invites you to join in the Pin-To-Win a Great Night’s Sleep. The prize is a King 8″ profile memory foam mattress. The contest runs from July 1 to August 15, 2013

  1. Join the Nature’s Sleep newsletter. This is a mandatory entry in the Giveaway Tools form below and will be checked before the winner is selected.
  2. Create a board titled “Get Great Night’s Sleep with Nature’s Sleep” on your Pinterest account.
  3. Follow Nature’s Sleep on Pinterest
  4. Pin 5 images from the Nature’s Sleep website that will help you get a great night’s sleep using the #NSPin2Win
  5. Enter your entries in the Giveaway Tools form below.

For 100 extra entries, follow the Pinterest accounts listed below:


  1. Hope I did it all correctly. I’m new to pinterest and not sure if I have it down completely. The one person to follow on pinterest I could not because it was instagram and I do not use that site and there was not a pin box. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  2. follow you on everything but Instagram sadly I do not have a smart phone so I don’t have this app. Fingers crossed so tight to win they are turning blue.. crossing toes, legs and eyes for extra good luck! We desperately need a new bed.. ours is now at the 35 yr age!

  3. I followed all on Pinterest, including Cre8tive Compass, but I do not have an Instagram account – Angela Cash (

  4. I followed all on Pinterest except Cre8tive Compass because I don’t have Instagram accounnt and tried to search to see if she/he had a Pinterest account but couldn’t find one

  5. I signed up for the newsletter but have no Pinterest account, nor any time for one.
    Thanks though for the sweepstakes.

  6. i also was not able to follow cre8tive compass as i have no smartphone so don’t have an instagram account. i hope that does not disqualify me or the many others i have seen post this very same problem. i am hoping i just won’t get the extra entries that came with that condition. i also say no replies to the many who have this problem which concerns me. why no answer to put our minds at ease? also, can you get extra entries if u get others to sign up for this giveaway? please respond at your earliest convenience because i would love to get more by inviting others! thanks in advance for you time and attention to this. have a great day! 🙂

  7. Hi everyone….

    I have never really tried to do anything with that pinterest until this (i’m new at all of this, still learning), but I did follow all those pinterests, and I did make that board, but I don’t understand what I was supposed to do with this phrase “#NSPin2Win”, I really don’t even know what that means. But here is the link to my board, maybe I did it right.
    And my phone is just a cheap one, it does not have the capability to get Instagram
    Oh, and I did join the newsletter, under
    Thank you

  8. I’d LOVE to win this giveaway!! Entered (did every entry except the last Instagram entry- don’t have it)!!! Thank you 🙂

  9. I would love to win this mattress for my brother. He’s 49 and still sleeps on a water bed. He wonders why jis back hurts. This would be a blessing for him to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. I followed, posted, sent to friends, and made a pinterest board.

    I sincerely hope I win, I desperately need a new mattress, mine is over 25 years old and my back needs one badly.

  11. I followed all the accounts on Pinterest. Cre8tive Compass was listed under Instagram by mistake but I did locate their Pinterest page and followed since the instructions say “For 100 extra entries, follow the Pinterest accounts listed below:”


  12. I posted everything that was required.

    I do not have a smart phone so I can’t follow Cre8tive Compass on Instagram.

  13. I Followed ALL of the Pinterest accounts, like the entry asked for above, I did NOT follow Cre8tive Compass on instagram because I don’t own a smart phone and cannot sign up for an account. But I claimed the entry anyway because it said “follow all the pinterest accounts above”. I hope that one thing doesn’t get me disqualified. Thanks.

    • If you type “rebeccaeparsons” into the Pinterest search bar, you’ll find her Pinterest account to follow. Just wanted to let you know, in case they decide not to accept the entry. It’s “Rebecca E Parsons” on Pinterest.

      Best of luck! <3

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