High Chair Cover

High Chair Cover

There are several high chair covers for restaurants on the market but none even compare to the Neatnik Saucer.  Most high chair covers are great for keeping your little one away from the unsanitary environment of public high chairs but that where the funcationality stops.  The Neatnik Saucer not only is a chair liner that fits in the seat of the high chair, it also has a 28″ diameter surface for clean dining and catching food.  The Neatnik Saucer opens up to create a large space for baby to eat and have room for toys.  You no longer need to worry if the table or high chair has been cleaned properly because the high chair and the table surface are covered and protected.  The Neatnik Saucer fits all standard restaurant-style high chairs and has openings for the chair safety straps.  It suction cups to the table to ensure that it will stay in place.  There are even velcro straps to secure toys and pacifiers to the table.  The Neatnik Saucer comes in a convenient carrying 12 in x 12 in carrying case, with a wipes compartment.  The Neatnik Saucer retails for $32.95.

Table Topper for Babies

One of the newest styles of the table topper for babies is the “Rome”, which I received for review.  The Rome offers the great protection and portability of the other styles except it has an added feature which was a lifesaver for us!  Instead of a pattern, The Rome style is all white and is a blank “canvas’ for children to draw on while waiting for the food to arrive.  It comes with crayons and it is incredibly easy to wipe clean!  This is something I will take with me to every meal we eat out with the kids!

My days of leaving a restaurant with my head bowed down are over thanks to Neatnik Saucer Table Topper and High Chair Cover!  Every parent can relate to this experience!  Occasionally, as parents, we have a lapse in our “better judgement” and decide to take the whole family out to dinner, children included.  No matter what the kids are eating or how hard you try to keep them clean, 90% of their meal ends up on the floor around their high chair.  Its a losing battle to try to keep it under control and by the time the meal is over, you don’t have the mental or physical energy to clean it up!  This usually ends up in us leaving a huge tip as an apology to our server or the poor busboy who is stuck cleaning it up and then heading out the door quickly.  The Neatnik Saucer Table Topper and High Chair cover will be with us for all our future dinners out!

Neatnik Saucer also offers Neatnik Bibs and Neatnik Napsacks for easy, hands-free transporting of your Neatnik Saucer.  Follow them on Facebook for the latest product information!

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