If I didn’t have to stay at home all the time with the kids, or had a good, reliable baby-sitter that would watch my children so I could take a vacation, and if they would not miss me and me leaving for longer than a weekend would not break their little hearts, I would look for tickets to shows I would like to see. I would go to New York and I would search for Beacon Theatre tickets. Steely Dan is playing there soon and I LOVE Steely Dan.  I would also look forMadison Square Garden tickets to see Chicago! OMG my very first tape was Chicago. Yes cassette tape! My husband would want to see Spiderman Turn off the dark, so I would search for Spiderman Turn off the Dark Tickets. Yes, I am bringing him!

I have also always wanted to see Cirque Du Soleil, so I would have to search for Cirque Du Soleil Tickets for my imaginary vacation. One thing I would NOT look for is American Idols Tickets. I hate American Idol with an un-American passion. Do not get me wrong I am a patriotic American, but when it comes to that silly show clogging up my television and radio programs, I would rather stick a well stick in my ear! So, who is babysitting?