#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.

The transition into parenthood can be one of the most hectic and overwhelming times in your life. On the flip side, it is the most beautiful and fulfilling experience that you can have. Isn’t it amazing how your midnight (or later!) bedtime suddenly turns to 8:00 PM in the blink of an eye? Sometimes it’s hard to stop and smell the roses! Each year, come November, the anticipation builds for the New Year. I need to lose weight. I need to save money. I need to organize my closet. What else does a mommy of a 2 1/2 year old resolve to do? 2014 was going to be different, I said. Different.

In comes 2014, along with my brand new Intel HP Envy Rove 20 All in One Computer. First impression? One word: Stunning. This really is a beautiful piece of hardware! Unlike anything I have ever used. Not only is it a huge flat tabletop tablet, but it’s also a powerful desktop PC. It’s the best of both worlds! Instantly I knew this machine could truly be life changing. I knew then what my resolution was going to be. Enough with the empty resolutions. This was the year that I was going to slow it down and focus on my family.
Life changing technology

Three ways the Intel AIO is Life Changing Technology

  1. Can you say mobility!? I have put my laptop away! It absolutely amazes me that I can be completely unplugged for up to 5 hours. I am able bring it into the kitchen to use as a cookbook and bonus stereo. (Food tastes better when there is music playing.) I don’t have to worry about where my tablet is, or where my phone is. I don’t have to get up to run to the computer for anything. Oh, and the best news yet…it runs Windows 8, which means that it syncs right up with my Windows tablet!
  2. Aidan has decided that he can’t live without it! Fortunately, it is rugged enough for little fingers. I am able to transition it from a 20″ screen PC to a 20″ screen tablet with just one hand. I knew it was easy for me to use, but after watching Aidan use it I decided that this computer really could be for anyone! In summary, happy baby+happy mommy=Life Changing!
  3. This All in One Computer has increased the time my husband, Chris, and I spend together. When Aidan is done painting “Scary Sharks” using the Fresh Paint application, it turns into mommy and daddy tablet time. My husband and I played Monopoly for the first time in years…and we played it the high tech way! It was so cool being able to use the screen at the same time as Chris! After our heated game of Monopoly, we spent some time house hunting and checking out pictures on its crisp screen. Perhaps this computer will help us find the house of our dreams?

I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.

Keep in mind, we are only a month into the New Year! I just can’t wait to see what more my new #IntelAIO has to offer my family this year! It’s not too late to resolve to change your life! Why not start by upgrading your technology to the Intel HP Envy Rove 20? What resolutions are you working on this year?

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