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New Notary? Learn What Notary Supplies You Need

New Notary?  Learn What Notary Supplies You Need

Learn What Notary Supplies You Need

When my middle child was born, we decided I would stay home and raise her. My husband had a full-time job, but it was not enough to make ends meet. I got online to research legitimate jobs I could do from home. I got frustrated  quickly as the only jobs I found were stuffing envelopes or putting together earrings. A friend came over a few weeks later to see the baby and hang out for a while. I told her about our finances and she said she was making extra money as a notary. I had no idea just anyone could apply to be a notary let alone make money at it. She helped me make a list of the supplies I would need and how to apply.  The application process was pretty easy and the list of supplies I needed was pretty short. She suggested I get a journal, calendar, self inking stamps, loan officer contact sheet, acknowledgement forms and anything specific to the business you plan to work with.  My friend made a contact with a small mortgage company who needed someone to witness and notarize their closings. Her contact helped me find a similar situation who needed me to help out 3-4 times a week. My fees were exactly what we needed to add to our current income and take the stress off. Although I don’t do the notary gig anymore, it sure was a fun and helpful at the time.

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