IntentClickIf you are looking to monetize your blog, you should check out INTENTclick. I have just joined INTENTclick  while searching for an In-text links to compare with Infolinks. It is extremely easy to use. It positions your ads In-text by highlighting certain text links.  You get paid through a ppc advertising or pay-per-click and INTENTclick claims to have the best payout around. The process is really easy to install if you have WordPress. I just went to their page and created an account. Then I downloaded a plugin, plugged in my publisher id, and it was that simple. You have the ability to say which pages and posts the advertising goes on, and the payment is said to be higher than the other text link ads.

Customer Service was very nice and helpful and walked me through any questions I had. So, if you are not sure that you are even doing it right, or if you have a Blogger blog or one of the other ones, you can still run an in-text ad network. As long as your site Content focuses mainly on a better Income or saving money, then this could be a great move for you. You just need 1,000 US visitors a month to qualify.

So ATTENTION deal and coupon bloggers! This program is tailored especially just for you! Try it out, and see what you can earn today!IntentClick

Want A Chance to win an iPad2? One lucky blogger who installs theIntentClick code on their blog, gets an iPad2!!! Here is what I know about IntentClick. When I replaced Infolinks on my blog, my revenue went up by 30%. I like Intentclick better becasue the ads are more targeted for moms and my readers, so people will click on them, they are not too obtrusive and in turn I make more money. In the two weeks that I have had IntentClick on — I ahve made as much with Makobi Scribe as I did with having Infolinks on all my blogs! Anyways, it can’t hurt to try AND you get entered to win the iPad2 just for trying it out! You can start with IntentClick here and earn your entry for the iPad2 after you install the tags to your site. They even have a WordPress plugin for WordPress users to make it easier.