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New York Fashion Week Knows No Boundries #SurvivedinSTYLIGHT #NYFW

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As the whole wide world is sure to know, New York is one of the top fashion centers of the world. The latest and greatest of the fashion world often make their debuts here during the New York Fashion Week. This is when the who’s who of the fashion world show up to be part of one the most exclusive fashion events in the world. This year the exclusivity has doubled. What does that mean you ask. Well to put it mildly, if your not on ” The List ” then you are likely to be left wanting on sidelines with little to no hope of getting a ticket. Well there is good news. As the fashion world continues to move forward so do the tech advances that allow us non-insiders to keep up with what’s happening as well as being part of the New York fashion Week conversation. Now Stylight wants to give you a chance to be like a fashion insider by giving away an exclusive New York Fashion Week Survival kit to one lucky reader.

The Ultimate Fashion Survival Kit

  • Journal : While you live stream, record your favorites! From trends -to- designers -to- show production -to- celebrity outfits, shop your favorite items on STYLIGHT.

  • Rituals Cosmetics’ Good Luck Scrub: Enhance your morning with this organic scrub combined with nourishing oils to leave your skin glowing before your next fashionable soiree.

  • Phone Battery Pack : Keep your phone battery hydrated! Social media stops for no one, so don’t let that little red percentage sign keep you from missing out.

  • Rituals Cosmetics’ Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel: Taking a long bath before bed is said to reduce stress and tension. Relax your mind and body with fresh smells of sweet orange and warming cedar in this foaming shower gel.

  • Eye Mask: After a long, hard day of attending events, live streaming or blogging, hit snooze, put this eye mask back on, and treat yourself to an extra hour of beauty sleep.




With all of the amazing advances in social technology,  even the savvy urban and suburban fashionistas can keep up with latest trends and put forth their own ideas of styles they would like to see on the runways. Surviving a whole week in the fashion frenzy world that is the New York Fashion Week will require a few supplies. Tha’t where the NYFW Survival kit comes in handy. You’ll want to look your best whether you are in front of the cameras in the Big Apple or on your own home runway and this kit has everything you need. Enter below for your chance to win.

Who would you like hang out with at the New York Fashion Week?

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