Since the introduction of internet television in 2006, Netflix has been synonymous in providing the best available internet entertainment. This fact is backed by the company’s profits margins that saw an increase of 550% in 2008 and the numbers have been increasing ever since until 2016 when Netflix seemed to be aging badly and in 2017 where the stock prices are constantly falling. Different boffins explain the reason for this in dissimilar ways, but it’s time to look at things as they are and not convert numbers; the competition is better.

By the end of 2016, Netflix had an estimated 17 million subscribers globally, logic would suggest that the company would add new movies as well as TV shows in their tons to keep all these clients as well as potential glued. Well, that’s not what’s happening, the new movies are being painfully slow to come through. Over the years, the licensing deals have been altered and it’s becoming harder to have new movies on Netflix. Nonetheless, like the really evil relatives who take too long to depart, the really boring movies, as well as series, remain active.

It’s 2017 but for a fact, Netflix still has a DVD-by-mail service. In other words, though the organization has made billions of pounds over the years streaming movies and TV service they still have a redundant division that sends DVDs to people mails. That is very 2013 of Netflix. The worst bit is that this service actually has more new movies considering it has fewer rights holder issues. Consequently, this means Netflix really needs to find better negotiators because it makes very little sense that they can send you a DVD of the movie you want but cannot stream the exact same movie online.

Amazon video, Cable OnDemand, as well as Google play, do not have the best TV series or movies; however, they go around the licensing issues by renting movies for the free service meaning they are only allowed to stock movies for long but at least they have the capability to provide their clients with the entertainment they wish to have. Despite Netflix constant indication that they offer every product at the same price unlike their rivals, there is not much to want. On the other hand, their rivals tend to have a difference in prices against them but they actually have the best new movies in the market.

It is a well-known fact that anyone who calls him or herself a netflixer is undoubtedly binge-watching TV shows and not movies. This is based on the fact that Netflix has a TV show roster that is unparalleled by any of its rivals in reference to quality as well as volume. Nonetheless, as time goes by, severval avid Netflixers will begin to reach their limits on shows that interest them. The number of new shows are not being added quickly enough to keep their clients hooked the already airing g shows will lose the epic tastes they have now. Another fact is that shows such as Breaking Bad to Arrested Development to Friday Night Lights only cover 10% of the TV shows that are aired by Netflix. The old classics are not being supplemented by new classics. In the instance, a new TV series is added the time that Netflix uses to get it online means you as a subscriber will be several episodes behind at times for months.

The reasons highlighted above are all indicators of how Netflix is considerably last year. This may be financially painful to other; however, other internet TV options that have a differentiation in prices are the next best option. Hulu is run by the networks themselves; consequently, they have a great level of access to new shows. Currently, Hulu uploads a variety of interesting new TV series as well as movies 24 hours after preview free of charge. On the other hand, Amazon sells its episodes immediately after they air unlike Netflix offer the best possible internet services considering you have what you want to watch at your convenience without delay. Internet TV is the new age version of Entertainment and Netflix by a country mile had the best platform to be a leader in the industry, nevertheless, they messed up. The speed at which new movies and TV shows are brought to viewers is significantly slow making them very much old news.