Today, Bloggers are showing a different side of what we normally talk about per the Niche Amnesty Challenge on DIY Blogger. For me this might be a little hard because I touch on my family’s and my likes and goings on from time to time. So, I decided to share the “core” of who I am. Now, there are plenty of people out there who might be offended or say that I shouldn’t be this way, blah blah blah; but keep in mind I said CORE which means I am not changing, don’t want to change, and don’t see anything wrong with how I am (although many do). I am going to sandwich my good and bad so I don’t seem so abrasive and keep in mind this is all in my personal life and not in my professional one. So, if you are my friend, this is what you will see from me…

  • If you call me on the phone, the conversation starts right away. I have caller id. I know who you are. Usually, I am excited to talk to you and don’t even say hello! Some people think this is rude and think I should take the time to pause, say hello, and ask how they are doing, etc. I feel we are good enough friends/family that I don’t need to waste time spewing such B.S. and would rather get to the meat and potatoes of the conversation. (Remember, I have 2 toddler that HATE it when I use the phone…so lets just talk and save the niceties for strangers)
  • If I call you on the phone, the conversation starts right away. You say hello…I tell you why I am calling and get on with it. You have caller id right? and if you don’t I have a loud (yes I am a loud talker…that is the next point), recognizable voice and you will figure it out in like 2 seconds. Again time management 🙂 I do, however, say hello and how are you to my grandma. I love her soooo much and she requires the simple courtesies in life; therefore, I adapt…for her…only her…and even then, sometimes I forget.
  • I am a LOUD talker. I mean LOUD. My whole family turns down the volume on the phone when I call. I think that I think people can’t hear me because they are so far away and just in case their phone is not working, I can shout it to them. LOL I don’t know why, I just know I am. LOUD. Maybe annoyingly so?
  • I said I would sandwich, but I was on a roll…If you are my friend (shoot even some strangers) I will help you if you are in need. A friend of mine when I was younger got pregnant, did not have a car, I had two, so I gave her mine. She needed it. I had two. That simple. If you truly need help with something, I will stop my day and walk you through what needs to be done and help you understand the best that I can ( see next point) so you can from that point on do it yourself. I am not a hand-holder and I like it when people try to help themselves. When I see that, I will do everything in my power to help a person achieve their goals. Even to succeed past my own goals if they are the same.  ( see last point)
  • I am a BAD teacher. I don’t understand why people do not know what I know. I can work it out in my head that people are just “smart” at different levels, but do not “get it” truly and have to constantly remind myself that people cannot read my mind. I am a researcher. For fun! I just like to learn all day and search constantly on the net to learn everything I can about the “thing of the day” that interests me. I use Google. It seems simple. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just do the same thing. I mean I literally ask, “What are the yellow and green bugs in my grass that bite?” or “Why is my Google Adsense down this month?” or “What gets black magic marker off of Italian leather?” and Google answers like a magic 8-ball. Everyone should use it!
  • I am a pusher upper, not a puller downer. I want everyone around me to succeed. You are who you hang with as they say! If I can offer you something that helped me (or even didn’t, but might help you), I will share it. If I have a contact or a deal on a car or find a cool contest that is obscure and no-one will see, I share. If I know how to fix what is going wrong with you, your house, your blog, your car, your kids, I share what I did (not the answer…that would be awfully presumptuous) and how it worked for me.  And, I am blunt, concise and too the point. I accomplish more in one hour than the average person does in a day when I am on a roll. I am a mover and a shaker. I think I can move mountains, but KNOW I need friends, family, support to do it.
That pretty much sums up me in a nutshell. Oh, lol, favorite past times sans kids:
  • reading sci fi/fantasy novels (usually in one night)
  • researching nonsense on the internet
  • watching spy or kung-fu movies
  • I can draw really, really well; but I don’t. I don’t know why? I think my life got busy and I would rather relax and read.
Thank you for reading…and don’t be too mean, I also cry easy!

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