A decade ago, children became enthralled by the epic story of Aang, a twelve-year-old hero with the power to save his people. In his world a few special people have inherent ability to manipulate the elements. They call themselves Waterbenders, Earthbenders, Airbenders, and Firebenders. Over time, they have divided themselves up into nations according to their elemental orientations, and as our own past has taught us, conflict eventually ensues. It is up to Aang to unite the people and bring the elements together as one.


Strong female characters and an ecologically conscious theme are just a few of the positive lessons to be gleaned from the series. It has modern sensibilities and a diverse cast. After nearly 25 hours of entertainment you’ll have found great value from your investment. Taken at your own pace, the series can be savored over several months or consumed quickly on a rainy day.

Additional content includes interviews with the cast and crew, and behind the scenes looks at the technology and production facilities which are indispensable parts of the entertainment industry. Several key episodes feature alternate audio where director and actor commentary can bring new insight and inspiration to young viewers thinking about their futures.

Avatar: The Last Airbender



Fast Facts:

  • Street Date: October 6, 2015
  • Pricing as low as $30.00
  • DVD Running Time: 1496 minutes
  • Audio: English, Spanish and French tracks

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