Night Terrors In Children

When I became pregnant with my third child, I felt totally prepared. When I found I was having a boy after two girls, I was ecstatic. When my water broke at 6:30 AM and I delivered Henry at 9:57 AM, I knew I had given birth to someone special. Truer thoughts were never had as we would find out almost 3 years down the road. When Henry began crying every 1-2 hours, initially we were sure it was just him being hungry. No matter how often we fed him or what we fed him, he would still cry. As he got older, he slept a bit longer but when he woke, it was different. He would suddenly bolt upright in bed, crying and screaming this pitiful scream. His eyes would be open but he was looking right through you. It was like he was somewhere between a wakeful state and being asleep. We would soon learn he had night terrors, something we knew nothing about. If this sounds familiar, these tips may be helpful to you.

What You Need To Know About Night Terrors In Children

What You Need To Know About Night Terrors In Children

  1. Nightmare or Night Terror? With a nightmare, your child truly awake, can remember her dream and is able to be comforted. With a night terror, your child does remember, is not awake and is often inconsolable.
  2. What Should I Do? Do not try and wake or comfort your child. This can actually make things worse. Because kids with night terrors can sleepwalk, take precautions to keep them safe. Clear the floor, have a gate at the top of the stairs and make sure door and windows are locked.
  3. What Are the Causes? No one really knows where night terrors comes from. It is suspected they stem from stress or illness, change in routines or their lack of sleep. We found kids with autism, which Henry was diagnosed with when he was 4, tend to have night terrors.
  4. Can They Be Prevented? Studies show night terrors may not be preventable but you can take measures to ease them. Keeping a regular nighttime routine, no caffeine, and providing a comfort object can be helpful. Henry seemed to sleep better when he had a favorite plush or toy to sleep with.

What we learned from Henry’s night terrors, we knew when they happened, we had to ride the storm out. We also found that we could lessen how severe they were if we stuck to our routine, cut out a lot of the sugar in his diet and sent him to bed with his favorite “huggy”, which is what he would call his plush toys. What we were not prepared for was how long his night terrors and sleep issues would last. His terrors lasted well past is 6th birthday and he slept with me until he was almost 10. Even at 13, he still has trouble sleeping, often getting his nights and days confused and he still sleeps with a favorite huggable toy.

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