I love these products! No Bad Daze Creations sent a  me a Mommy Sampler of Boo Boo Balm, Lights Out, and Stork Balm. I have used the stork balm on my little man’s booty in place of his norm and this one actually cleared up the tough spots!  My other son has used a lot of the Boo Boo balm because he scraped his knees on his new trike! Now, he just makes up imaginary boo boos to get the “Betters.”  Check out her selection of products: HERE

At night, at the end of the day, I rub a little Lights Out under Mason and my nose to help us drift into Lovely Lavender Dreams.  Needless to say, everything a Mommy needs.   I am so in love with the smell of all three of these balms.  The packaging these balms came in was super cute and tied with a neat little bow.  They were packaged in little reusable tins that fit easily anywhere.

All of No Bad Daze Creations are handmade and organic.  Here is a little description of each balm:


Boo-Boo Balm 1 oz. tin (Anti-Septic/Anti-Bacterial)
You will be hooked once you use this great balm. The gentle healing herbs ease pain & give instant relief. One of the more popular balms because of its versatility.
Works great on* Scratches * Burns * Rashes * Bug Bites * Itchy skin & more!! *

Stork Balm 1 0z. tin
In many cultures storks are seen as symbols of parenthood & love.
Show your love by using this fantastic balm that no mother should be without!
Rub the balm on any of the affected areas &
let the soothing herbs do the work. Safe to use on babies.
Works great on *Diaper rash * Chapped Skin * Sore nipples * Stretch marks *

Lights Out Balm 1 oz. tin
Deep sleep allows the body to re-energize & the mind to rejuvenate!
Drift away to a restful slumber with this balm that will calm your mind before you fall asleep. All that’s standing between you & your babies great night’s sleep is a little dab of this sweet smelling balm under your nose.
Sweet Dreams!

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