St. Maarten
What is more colorful? The St. Maarten sign or my Karina Dress?

I recently went on a cruise to St. Maarten with Norwegian Cruise lines. While we were in port, I was able to go on a Rock n’ Roll tour shore excursion through Viator Tours. We took out inflatable motorized boats for the day and stopped at a few beaches and a reef to snorkel.

St. Marteen Sand

Isn’t the sand gorgeous! Check out the cool fish! The reef was absolutely beautiful!

St. Marteen fish

While I was following this fish below, I ended up over in the really deep area! He was a beautiful fish so of course I followed!

St. Marteen chasing fish

Then our guide, Bobby was amazing! He was looking for a lionfish and he saw me floating around.

St. Marteen (1)

He picked up a spider starfish and brought it to me to hold!

St. Marteen bobby
Then I got to hold it! So cool!
star fish

Then I got to hold a sea urchin. Don’t try this at home folks unless you know which sea urchins are okay to hold and which ones are poisonous!

Sea Urchin

The white ones are okay to hold. When the spikes stuck in my skin I could actually feel them in my skin. It was weird and cool at the same time!

St. Marteen flipper

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How do you protect yourself from harmful UV rays? What is your favorite place to go in the sunshine?