Tea Collection wants you to help with the Inspring Mom Awards! At Tea, they are always inspired by such a variety of incredible women who are also moms and they thought it would be fun to encourage others to share with them moms who inspire them.  So, for the next 10 days, they’ll be encouraging individuals to nominate a mom that inspires them so they can honor them for all their dedication and hard work.

There are 3 main categories, Globetrotter, Mompreneur, and Making a Difference, and they’re having participants nominate women within one of these three categories via their Facebook page: http://bit.ly/US31md

They also have a panel of 6 judges who are their “model citizens,” which are women that they believe truly embody the values of an inspiring mom within their three respective categories.  These women are individuals that they really admire and will be helping them narrow down the 5 semi-finalists to the 3 finalists that will be voted on by their Facebook community starting November 1st.   These are the model citizens who have been selected  to help them with these awards. 

Mompreneur Model Citizens
Liz Gumbinner-
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief of Cool Mom Picks
Ali Wing- 
Founder, CEO Giggle 

Globetrotter Model Citizens:
Stella Ma
Co-Founder Little Passports 
Carin McCormack
Tea Foreign Correspondent
President & Co-founder of Kilgoris Project
*waiting on photo
Making a Difference Model Citizens: 
Marie Muscardini
Early Childhood Development Teacher & DIY Crafter
Jeannine Harvey
Leader of ONE Moms Campaign
Please take a moment to submit a nomination of a mom who inspires you!