Non Skid Socks For Dogs

Non Skid Socks For Dogs

If you are a dog owner, have you seen non-skid socks for dogs?  I honestly had no idea there was such a thing!!  When I go to the pet store, I kind of have blinders on.  I go in and get my food and then I am out of there.  I think pet stores are cruel by putting all those fuzzy and adorable pets for you to see.  I am a sucker for a set of big brown eyes and a wagging of the tail.  I cannot look at those precious animals for fear I may break down and take one home.  See…cruel!! Lol.  Anyway, I do have a few things for Ringo like a rain jacket and a few cute bandanas, but other than that, I don’t really buy him anything to wear.  When I heard about the non-skid socks and thinking about our tiled floors, the idea seemed like one to look into.

Woodrow Wear is a clever company that was started from the love of a Rottweiler named Woodrow.  While visiting friends who had just gotten a Rottweiler puppy, Lorraine and her husband went down the hill to see the litter.  While there, one dog caught the eye and heart of Lorraine and that is when she decided to bring Woodrow home!  In Woodrow’s senior years, he began to develop arthritis and hip dysplasia and began to have trouble getting up on non-carpeted surfaces in the home.  After seeing Woodrow struggle, Lorraine came up with the idea for Power Paws.  Power Paws are cute and stylish as well as a sensible accessory for your dog.

Cute Accessories For Your Dog

I do not often buy cute accessories for your dog, but when I saw the Power Paws from Woodrow Wear, I was intrigued.  We have several areas in our house that are non-carpeted and when Ringo comes in from a walk and takes off running, he looks like Tom Cruise in Risky Business!  Lorraine sent me two pairs of Power Paws ($19.99) for Ringo to try out.  The Power Paws go on easily and they truly do work!!  I will tell you Ringo was a bit skeptical at first, but after he got used to them, he did great.  I hate that I wasn’t able to get a picture before we had him boarded for a weekend trip.  If you have a dog, the Power Paws are a great item to get.  The moment I realized the Power Paws were a hit was after a few days of rain.  Ringo hates to go outside in the rain, but he complies, albeit with a bit of attitude!  When he came in and hit the kitchen floor, he went skidding across the floor.  The next time I took him out, I put his Power Paws on before we came in and they worked wonderfully!!  These clever little socks are a must have for dog owners.

One reader will win two pairs of Power Paws ($19.99 each) in their choice of color/pattern.

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  1. I love the Black & Grey Power Paws Dog Sock – Showing the Traction Tread, so cute! My dog would love these, he is so afraid to walk on the tiles.

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