Approximately 30 percent of all women, who are under the age of 35, are currently using some type of anti-aging, wrinkle product. This is in an effort to try and reduce the signs of aging, which is inevitable.

While there are some people who go to extremes and opt for surgery to get rid of unsightly wrinkles, the fact is that this just isn’t necessary. In fact, there are a number of non-surgical wrinkle treatments that can help provide the desired results. Getting to know what these are can be beneficial and help a woman (or man) get rid of the wrinkles they have.


Use a Chemical-Free Sunscreen

According to a study out of Australia, people who put on sunscreen every day have fewer visible wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin than those who don’t. However, not all the sunscreens available are the same. There are some brands that are made with a large number of toxins, while others have an SPF that’s actually lower than what the packaging says. Be sure to do some research to find a quality sunscreen to reap this benefit.

Use Retinoids

Did you know that retinoids are the absolute only anti-wrinkle treatment that has been FDA approved? Every single study that has ever been done on the retinoids – all the way from back in the 1970s – has been proven time and time again. Not only can retinoids help you prevent wrinkles from forming, to begin with, they can actually get rid of wrinkles, acne and age spots.

If you are wondering how retinoids work, then you’re in luck. They effectively get rid of the wrinkles you have by producing a higher level of hyaluronic acid and collagen in your skin. This helps to stop your skin from becoming thinner, make it thicker and smooth out any wrinkles you have.


A fact that is widely accepted is that the use of antioxidants can help reduce the signs of aging skin. This includes vitamins E, C, and A, along with beta-carotene. The best way to see the benefits of antioxidants is to apply them directly to the affected areas of your skin.

In addition to applying antioxidants directly to your skin, you can also get them through the food you eat. Some of the foods that you can acquire the necessary antioxidants from include cranberries, blueberries, beans, kale, kiwis, squash and more.


Increase the Amount of Gelatin in Your Diet

If wrinkles are beginning to show up on your face and neck, then it means that the available collagen is dwindling. The best way to increase the reduced collagen is by adding a bit more gelatin to your diet.

Most people don’t realize that gelatin is actually made from collagen that has been cooked in bone broths (from pigs and cows). If it’s possible, you should choose pasture raised animals when you are making bone broth. Another option is to take the gelatin supplements that are available for sale today. These methods will help you boost the amount of collagen produced and reduce the signs of wrinkles.

You may be tempted to opt for a surgical method to reduce wrinkles; however, in most cases, this isn’t going to be the best option. Not only is it an invasive procedure, but it’s also going to require quite a bit of recovery time. During this time, you won’t be able to exercise, and in some cases, work. Rather than having to deal with all this, choose one of the non-surgical treatments discussed here. You can achieve the same – or better – results without all the negative side effects.