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One of the things I love about blogging is how much you can learn. I am kind of a nerd because I have always loved school and learning new things. About 3 years ago, I began researching what it meant to live a more eco friendly life. We have slowly been making changes in our home to live a more organic life. This means we wear organic cotton clothing, eat organic foods and buy eco friendly products for cleaning and personal use. One of the most recent things I learned about was non toxic eco friendly paint for the home. Everyone in my family has allergies, so I hate to paint anything inside the house. The last time I tried to paint a room, my son had such a reaction, we only got one wall completed. We are doing my daughter’s room over for her 16th birthday, and this included painting. I did some research and found some interesting facts about using non toxic paint and wanted to share it with you:

5 Reasons To Use Non Toxic Paint pin

5 Reasons To Use Non Toxic Paint

  1. Description: Non toxic refers to paints which have very little to barely there traceable amounts of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.
  2. Side Effects: Using paints with VOC’s can cause respiratory problems like asthma and can lead to various types of cancer. Non toxic paints have none of these side effects or dangers to you and your family. This can be exceptionally good news for those who are either very young or much older family members.
  3. Safety: Non toxic milk based paints are safe enough to use on children’s furniture, walls and even toys.
  4. Ingredients: Non toxic or natural paints and finishes have very little, if any odor and are made from natural ingredients. Among the ingredients are water, plant dyes, essential oils, plant oils and resins, milk casein, natural latex, and beeswax.
  5. Flexibility: When using a milk based paint, like those from Milk Paint which we painted Caitlin’s room with, you mix your own paint. You mix just the amount of paint you plan to use for that day and the powdered paint colors are easy to store. You can paint walls, furniture, toys, and just about any other paintable surface you can think of. You can apply a traditional paint or get a distressed or washed look as well.

before paint

I will let you in on a little secret about using the paints from Milk Paint. I was terrified I would do it incorrectly and waste all of our paint powder. Caitlin and I went to the paint chips photo album on their Facebook page and looked at all of the different colors. They also have a mixing video you can watch as well as a help line with experts standing by to talk you through the process or answer questions. You can choose from a huge variety of colors, ranging from dark rich hues to lovely light pastels and earth tones. You can paint that bedroom you have been meaning to paint, the bookcase you want to refinish or maybe the kids toy box in the playroom. The paints from Milk Paint are so popular, they have been featured on the Martha Stewart Show and the New England Cable News and won the Best of Boston Home in 2011.

Mixing the paints was much easier than I thought it would be. Caitlin and I grabbed some paper cups, the paint powders, water and plastic spoons. We found a color on the Facebook album which was close to the lavender we were looking for. We mixed one gallon of white into 10 cups of room temperature water and then I added 1 part blue and half that amount of red. I got out my electric mixer and kept adding the 2 to 1 ratio of blue and red until we got the lavender we were looking for.


The paint gets a little foamy, but that is normal and it settled quickly. The paint goes on so smoothly and in my opinion, covers better than traditional paint. We did two coats and the color is soft and rich and gives the room a level of maturity Caitlin was looking for. I am a new fan of the Milk Paint products and would highly recommend them not only for their safe and non toxic properties but just as a superior product overall. We were sent one gallon of the Snow White from the SafePaint for walls collection, which retails for $46, which was our base color. We were also sent 2 quarts each of the Federal Blue and the Salem Red, which sell for $17 per quart. You can also purchase pints of colors for $11 as well as Extra Bond, Antique Crackle, Safecoat Acriglaze, Milk Paint Remover, and Hopes 100% Tung Oil. I absolutely love the way Caitlin’s room turned out and she could not be happier either.

Our next project? Strip and paint the old dining room buffet table, so stay tuned!!! If you have been putting off that painting project in your home, do not procrastinate any longer! Right now with Milk Paint, you can buy 3 gallons and get one free! If you want to try the Milk Paint bit have questions or are unsure about the colors, send an email to Anee ( and ask her to send you a pint of your choice of color. One USA reader will win 2 gallons of SafePaint from Milk Paint, in their choice of color ARV $92.

What painting project have you been putting off and what SafePaint color would you choose for it?


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