NOse Offense Air and Fabric Odor Eliminator

Let’s face it, if you have pets you have odors, even the cleanest pets emit some sort of odor from time to time and the solution is NOse Offense Air and Fabric Odor Eliminator. My dog is a house dog for the most part. He goes outside to do his daily business several times a day, we play outside and he’s groomed on a regular basis. So I wonder why does he have a funky smell from time to time? Well he is a dog and its life dog’s smell! Of course, when its raining and wet outside he is more apt to smell a little but he doesn’t understand that when he stinks he needs to stay away from the carpets and couch! He’s a very good dog don’t get me wrong but he is drawn to the carpet when he’s wet or sick and therein lies my problem = the funky smell emitted from my bedroom carpet! I was elated to have the opportunity to review NOse Offense Air and Fabric Odor Eliminator.

Instant Odor Neutralizer

The first thing I noticed about this instant odor neutralizer was that it was fragrance-free, which was wonderful for my nose. My whole family is very sensitive to smells so I can’t have air freshener’s or sprays because it causes havoc. I love that it worked right away and there was no odor to mask the smell it just neutralized and eliminated the odor. My husband was amazed at the lack of odor in our bedroom, he said noticed right away. Now when I walk into my bedroom it smells nice like is should…NOT like dog! NOse Offense is not only biodegradable but it is safe, non-toxic and organic (how often do you find that…almost never). The products AND the packaging are totally biodegradable and recyclable (the paper they sent with the product information was made from 100% recycled material as well). I think its great that this product can be used on: curtains, carpets, litter boxes, carriers, clothing, blankets and on hard surfaces such as wood and plastic. You can purchase a 32 ounce size of NOse Offense for $18.99. They also carry a travel size 2 ounce bottle for $4.99 (which is awesome to take on the trips or to use in your car). Check them out on Facebook for their latest product releases!

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