Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine For Kids

My son saw the Cotton Candy Machine, and he was very excited!  Most kids love cotton candy, but they rarely get to eat it except at ball games or carnivals.  Now, Nostalgia Electrics makes it possible to make this special occasion treat whenever you’d like at home with this Cotton Candy Machine For Kids.

We tried out the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Cotton Candy Maker.  It came with Blue Raspberry sugar, but since we’re not a fan of that flavor, we followed the instructions to make our own flavor.  We used plain sugar mixed with a little bit of cherry Kool-Aid for color and flavor.  We had a little difficulty at first with sugar.  We found that even though we were careful to get it in the center portion really well, when we turned it on and it started spinning, it had a tendency to fling the sugar everywhere.  We resolved this the 2nd time we used it by holding some newspaper over the top for a few seconds until the machine got up to full speed.  After we worked that out, it was easy to use.  We just waited a few minutes and the floss started appearing!  It was easy to twirl and collect on the cone, and we got about enough from one use of the machine for a moderate sized cone of cotton candy.  It didn’t take long, so it wasn’t a big deal to go for a second round to make one for myself.  It tasted just like cotton candy you’d get at a fair, except better, since we could add the flavor of our choice!  Nostalgia sells refill kits with different flavors of sugar, but I love that we can use basically any Kool-Aid flavor we want to make our own!  This is a great, small scale machine for any family, and would go over great at parties or other events.  I would recommend having extra cones on hand if you have several people who will be eating it, and I would also advise doing this is a space that is easy to clean, just in case it takes you a few tries to get the sugar part right, just like it did for us.

You can purchase the Retro Cotton Candy Maker, or Nostalgia Electrics is giving one away to Makobi Scribe readers!  Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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