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Total Weight loss so far: Well, he was at 310 then went down to 288. Then he went to 295. He says the food was salty and made him gain weight…um you mean the food from Dennys? Ya! I see the credit card silly. You can’t fool me. Then I went to his truck and switched out food boxes. LOL!! He ate all the desserts and breakfast and choloate lunch bars; but no soups or pizzas cause he had to make them. Really? Add water=make them? Ok so now I now. He wants to dive in with a spoon.

Then came Thanksgiving! HAHAHAHA (I mean awwww.) 295 Went to 300. So now I am ahead in weight loss. Thanksgiving was not kind to either of us. We are weak; BUT guess what? Guess who is back down to 288 and then went to 287. Did he poop out a turkey and two small children? What gives? Not freaking fair!!! I cry mistrial AND broken scale or at least biased. He will not be home from the road for 5 weeks armed with the proper food this time (eat and run) and plenty of water..and wait till you hear what I did!

BTW In the video he is not saying Breathe Like Rabbits like I thought (and he said Jen, really? That does not even make sense; and I was thinking duh that is why I asked why you said that)

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