So my wife decided to stop the Nutrisystem while she did a cleanse and she told me I had to write this post myself. She ditched me. I don’t know what to say, and she said just say what you like so here goes:

I like football and food like nachos. I like baseball and food like pizza. I like hockey and food like ice cream. My wife makes really good ice cream sundaes and she won’t make them for me anymore. I am eating Nutrisytem and losing weight. I miss food that makes me gain weight. I am now 286 and I was 310 when I started. My wife says I have to diet until I am 220 which I weighed in high school see:


That was me in highschool. I keep telling her I was 228 pounds there, so I will not get to that weight. She should get to her high school weight don’t you think? If I have to get to mine, she should get to hers! Anyways, Nutrisystem is helping me reach my goal faster than her and she is mad at me. – Noah

OMG! Men- Jen

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