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Yes, I not only had one cheat day on the Nutrisystem diet plan, I had two. Two reasons why:

I woke up and had gained 3 pounds while sticking to the Nutrisystem Diet Plan

I had not cheated until then, and I was down to 146 (start weight 154.2) so my week was doing great. Then, I woke up that morning at 152! Who gains 6 pounds on a diet in one day! I was sad and depressed and still stuck to the now *dumb diet* with a heavy heart. My husband had just left for another 3 to 6 weeks and I was uber sad. Then at lunch I looked in the fridge and there was Noah’s send off meal Homemade Macaroni & Cheese so I ate it. Then I made a cake, and I had some of that. Then I started my period. It was a very sad day. I really did not eat the rest of the day cause now I was disgusted with a trifecta of reasons. The next morning I woke up and 151. So I ate another piece of cake and cried. No husband, gaining weight, cheating on my diet. Sad, sad day.

Back on track with the Nutrisystem Diet Plan

This morning was day 7 and I started the week out at 146. I am 150 so I gained 4 pounds. I hate 150. I hate 150. I hate 150. I seriously hate 150. So, I am sticking to my Nutrisystem diet plan today and the rest of the week and going to get back down to 146. Hopefully, I will lose the damage that I did or the water weight or whatever and have a better week. I can do this! I have decided that the next time I get my period, I am NOT weighing myself until it is over. It is just not fair to my psyche to gain 6 pounds in water weight and think I am failing my diet. Oh! I even walked three times this week–Guilt walks! LOL

Dieting is hard but worth it

I am not happy at 150. I am not happy dieting. I am happier dieting than at 150. I will lose this weight and get down to my goal weight which is 125. I should say 120 so I can gain 5 pounds on my period UGH! I would even be happy at 135–Anything but 150. I want out of this whole weight-range. Do you have the same water-weight gain issues at your time of the month? BTW my husband is a rock star shedding pounds like no ones business. Men suck! (Not really, but big ones who lose weight faster than you do!)

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