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Every morning when I wake out of bed, I do the same three things. Pee (to make me lighter), Weigh myself, and brush my teeth. I hate my scale. I mean HATE my scale. I have been dieting like a good girl, while my husband is half a$$ing it and my scale is not budging. Oh wait, I lie, it has gone up…then back to 146. I hate 146. Just like I hate 150. I want to see 125. You know what else? I found out I AM NOT 5’5″, I am 5’4″ What the heck? Did I shrink? Did I lie in high school to the DMV to seem taller? All I know is I just lost an inch of tall and gained and inch of wide! Just for the record though, my license says I am 5’5″ so I still get to say I am!

I knew after I saw the cartoon I was doing something wrong! No wonder! Of course, when I tried to weigh myself that way I now have a busted lip and a black eye from the scale falling on me, but you know…it is the non-scale victories! Like the humor I bring my kids when I stomp around in a tirade first thing in the morning or when I pee so much, my three year old tell me I pee too much. Really?

I am determined to get to my target weight (I don’t even know what it is, but I am going to get there! I think it is a size 7/8). I am happy with the food. I have started mixing stuff up and doing protein, dairy trade outs. Maybe I eat to much broccoli. It says I can have unlimited…do you think 3 whole broccoli stalks is too much? LOL I smell AWESOME! Broccoli and EGGS!

I digress, oh did I mention that my kids LOVE Nutrisystem? Yeah, when I was sleeping (I know how dare I), they are all the blueberry muffins (only like 6) which was fine/not fine with me because they were sent in mistake and I don’t like blueberry. So, they did not go to waste, and now I know to put my food higher and lock it up lol. Pretty cool if you have to lock up your diet food to keep people from eating it! Don’t you think? So do you want to try Nutrisystem and hide your food from your kids? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting It is so much fun! Try it with your husband!


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