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Nutrisystem Travels Super Well

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Guess where I am? Las Vegas! Guess what I am doing? I am drinking a double espresso coffee (with Sweet-in-low) and ice from Starbucks, bumming their internet. I also am eating my Cinnamon Bun for breakfast that I brought with me. YES! I am a good girl and brought my Nutrisystem food with me! My husband came home, so he is watching the kids and following the diet at home, the least I could do was promise to follow it here. I did not weigh myself before I left, because of course it is my time of the month. However, I am having a size 10 of Tea Collection jeans being mailed here which I am lucky to get into. That is my motivation. They run super small and I am curvy, so I need to fit into them – thus NO CHEATING and me eating Nutrisystem in Starbucks! LOL Actually, it worked out really good because the meals pack super easy and arrived undamaged. I even brought my shakes. I am having a lunch bar for breakfast and I ate the meat and wedged potatoes cold last night on the plane, and it was good! Even cold. It was like airplane food on my little tray. I figure with all the hustle and bustle of the conference I will be lucky to have easy quick meals in my purse. I am going to graze the salad bars for my added veggies and use the cheeses as my power fuels. See I have a plan! I want to feel skinny even in Vegas!

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