Nutrisystem Week 10

Nutrisystem Week 10 – Exercise – #NSNation

First things first….I am on week 10 and have lost 12 pounds!! I am so happy to see my success with the program so far. I know I am not going to define myself by a number on a scale, nor can I do so without change. Now that I am seeing the numbers going down and knowing how it happened, I know I am on the road to success. I guess I can see the light at the end of the weight loss tunnel!!

One of the components of a successful weight loss program is exercise. I can intellectually reason that the more I exercise, the more fit I will become and the more weight I can lose. Emotionally is another story!! I am right there with gazillions of people who just need to get a kick start for their exercise routine. Although I know exercising will take my weight loss to another level, I am somehow still stuck! Weird, right? I have tried a lot of exercise routines and none of them any staying power for me. After using a DVD a few times, I was bored or didn’t like the routine and I stuck the DVD in the back of the rack. The one thing that has always been a constant for me is plain old walking!! I have my favorite walking video from Leslie Sansone and I also have a great pair of shoes I just got to walk at the park with my kids. I have also decided to buy an exercise machine, but am unsure which to choose. I love using a treadmill, but I know an elliptical is way better for my back. I just feel like I am going to fall off an elliptical!! Whatever I choose, I know if I am consistent with it, I will see fantastic results with the one-two power punch; Nutrisystem and exercise.
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