Nutrisystem saladYay! I passed the 150 weight. You can see my troubles with that weight here at Week 2. I did awesome on week one! I started my journey at 153.2 and today I am 146. That is a total of a 7.2 pound weight loss.

  • Subject: Jennifer (I write this because Noah is going to be joining me next week, he starts Thursday)
  • Start weight: 149.2
  • End weight:  146
  • Weight loss this week: 3.2
  • Favorite Foods: Orange Cream Bars (I LOVE THEM)(D) , Double Chocolate bars (L), Ham & Cheese Omelet (B), Asian Beef and Broccoli (D)
  • Favorite Foods to Supplement with: Protein-turkey pepperoni, veggie-salad w/fat free dressing, fruit-fresh peaches, fat-still forget to add it.
  • Go to recipe: This is my standard lunch every day this week. It is the picture above. It is salad greens with sliced peppers, plum slices, carrots, turkey pepperoni and a sun-dried tomato basil fat-free vinaigrette (2 T) I have a lunch bar for dessert.
  • Item I was allowed to add: Popcorn 1 cup Last week I said I would not do this. I lied. The kids made me do it!
  • Things I would do different or learned: Don’t be so hard on yourself when you plateau. It will pass if you don’t give up!
  • Overall impression: I am really pleased with the weight I lost this week. I feel confident that I can keep it off this time. I am a crash dieter and always yo-yo. This is the first time I have done a complete program and have been satisfied with the food, my hunger level and results. That is why I recommend it to my husband. (Well, that and he is 310 and it is WAY easier to cook for him like this!)
  • Contributing Factors to weight loss/non-weight loss: I did not give in a cheat on the plateau and I followed the  program. I can see the inches coming off (even though I did not depress myself by taking them, I can tell the difference)
Stay tuned next week for my video diary! I have a video of me right before I started this program where I was showing off some shapewear in a dress I thought I looked good in. Until I saw the two figs stuck in a blanket fighting for air reality of what I really looked like and never posted it. I will put on the same dress each video to show you how much I have really changed (without shapewear)

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