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Week 5

I think it is pretty funny that Noah and I cheated about the same week. That was his week 4. It is pretty hard for him to stay on task when he is out  on the road. He misses his family, hates his job, doesn’t get much sleep and all this adds up to low will power and emotional eating. This also means he does not tell his wife the answers to questions on the Nutrisystem diet like:

How is is going? What are your favorite foods this week? Or how much weight have you lost? The answer on week for was all the same: I am fine, leave me alone, what do you want me to weigh myself with I am in a truck. So, being married to this man, I have learned let him be when he is cranky and we would talk more on week 6. I was encouraging and told him I ate a whole cake. The best thing to do is keep the past in the past and just move forward. Then, I said to him what Meredith (Nutrisystem BFF) says to me:” Let’s celebrate your no scale victories!”

Week 6

He is back on track and is down to 288. What???!!! That son of a b*&# started at 310 six weeks ago and lost 22 (insert bad words) pounds!! This really makes me sad (for me), happy (yeah right) for him, and really frustrated! You know why? Cause I am still stuck at 146. I saw the bank log of Dennys, Cracker Barrel, McDonalds, Dominoes and Every Gas Station from Florida to Washington! How can he eat like that for a WHOLE week and then hop back on the diet and still come out losing a total of 18 pounds? You know what I told him? I said he has to make his own video and type out his own blog posts. OOOOhhhhh Big Punishment right lol? (Look who is typing)

He also said (brace yourself) “Maybe you would lose weight if you walked with the kids and became more active.” Hmpph! Anyways, he does not like the food you have to add water to. He likes the “Chef Boyardee” style lunches and the chocolate bars. Then he rubs in hr gets two desserts a day! He loves me, says I can do this, you can do this, see you soon and says he likes the Nutrisystem breakfast food best. Want to try Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting It is so much fun! Try it with your husband!


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