The Forum Is Not Just There For Your Health You Know

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  • Start weight: 154.2
  • Weight at end of week 6: 146.1
  • Total Weight loss (ugh the math) 8.1

Oh! Wait. It is… So, you should use it! I had to be reminded by my Nutrisystem go-to-gal to use it instead of eating a cake. Yes, when I disclosed I ate some cake in week 5, I meant the whole cake! Instead of eating a whole cake (which I microwaved BTW), I should have went to the forum for support because after I did, I learned a few things.

  • Water consumption makes a difference in weight loss.
  • Time of the month makes a difference in weight loss.
  • Salt intake makes a difference in weight loss.
I ended week 5 at 152 and in one week dropped back down to 146. Proof the above is true! So, use the forum and the tools Nutrisystem gives you. It will make your life happier when dieting! It is there for your health!
The food is great, I am full. I found a popcorn that pops a 100 calorie bag so I am good because I am sick of eating sugar-free jello. My kids eat a lot of my food and I keep telling them they are not on a diet so back off. At least one bite from every meal, Jakobi and Mason have approved of. Noah says they are dedicated to helping me lose weight.

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