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  • Start weight: 154.2
  • Weight at the beginning of week 6: 146.1
  • Weight at the end of week 7: 145.9
Weight loss is slow. So slow, but I hear if you lose weight slow it goes back on slow which will make weight gain easier to manage. Cross my fingers this is the case. This time I tried out the cups of food where you add the water, soups and pastas and such. Not too bad, but my favorite is still the tortilla soup. I could eat that every day.
Do I really have to exercise to lose weight?
Nutrisystem says you should exercise everyday and now there is this stupid commercial that keeps coming on TV that says, ” Did you know you have to exercise an hour a day after you turn 40 just to keep from gaining weight! What?!!! I am anti-movement I swear, and now in two years I have to move for an hour every day just to maintain my weight! So, I decided to tap my foot more. Yep, at the computer I am now a wiggle worm, shaking my legs, wiggling my toes, looking like a fruit cake! I’ll let you know next week if I lost any weight being fidgety. Good thing Noah is not here or he would just call me lazy and take for a walk like a dog! He is driving a truck, so he is not exercising either…maybe I should share my plan?
Did I tell you how much I love the fact Nutrisystem gives me ice cream! I eat it at lunch (like right now) and it makes me happy! BUT I want to eat more…ugh! No self control. Well, I do cause I don’t eat it, but I really would rather not struggle or just be skinny like my human garbage disposal of an 18-year-old son who weighs less than me! See ya next week.

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