Protein Shakes That Are Good

Nutrisystem Week 8– Protein Shakes That Are Good? #NSNation

I can’t believe it is already week 8!!  So far I am down 9.5 pounds.  I have been sick, so that has effected my adhering to my plan.  As part of the Nutrisystem food plan, you are to have one protein shake each morning. For the month, you will receive 4 boxes; one for each week. You can choose from 3 flavors; chocolate, strawberry or coffee. You can order all of the same flavor or you can mix it up. I love the chocolate and strawberry, although the coffee is also very tasty. Since I drink 2 cups of coffee each day, I decided I didn’t want all that coffee flavor running around in my mouth each day! I have created a few different concoctions to break up the routine a little! I love to add fresh strawberries to my strawberry shake by using the blender so it is more like a smoothie. If you add bananas to either the chocolate or strawberry flavors you get a really delicious treat. Sometimes I will replace the water to skim milk and add the fresh fruit so it is almost like a shake. You are allowed a power fuel for your morning snack, and with skim milk being a power fuel, I will combine that with my breakfast protein shake. What you will love about the protein shakes is how effective they are in keeping you from getting hungry. I have had a few mornings that I was on the run and I grabbed my protein shake and a breakfast bar (the cinnamon bun bar is a favorite) and I was good to go until lunch time. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious these shakes actually are. I have had other brands of a similar shake and they leave a weird after taste in my mouth. Gross! With the Nutrisystem protein shake, there is no after taste at all. I am only guessing, but my feelings are that an after taste means additives, of which there are none with your Nutrisystem protein shake. Now I am getting hungry with all this talk about protein shakes!! I am going to have strawberry and add some fresh raspberries and skim milk for my morning yummy drink!! You can keep up to date with what’s new with Nutrisystem by liking them on Facebook  and following them on Twitter.

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