OCEAN® Saline Nasal Spray is the product my 2-year-old was lucky enough to get.  With the three modes of delivery, I found it was the easiest for him. Per the website:

When held upright the OCEAN® Nasal Spray bottle delivers a fine mist.  Held horizontally, the bottle produces a stream, and when held upside down, it delivers saline drops with a gentle squeeze.  Jakobi is not fond of a stuffy nose, and he really hates it when I put drops up his nose.  Thankfully with the three ways to get it up there, no matter how he squirmed I was sure it would deliver.  There is nothing worse than struggling with your child only to learn that the drops did not dispense.  This has happened to me several times and it breaks my heart to have to do the whole fiasco again.  Jakobi really gets stuffy and his nose gets really irritated.  These drops helped a lot.  You could tell that he was not holding his nose as much after I used them and he slept better after I irrigated.  I would definitelyrecommended all three of the Ocean products I received.

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