Oliver’s Labels sent Mason a pack of sample labels to keep his and Jakobi’s stuff seperate.  Being the little guy, Mason felt the need to label all the things Jakobi like to say are his:  His cup, spoon, cars, favorite toys, and even clothes.Since the season is upon us Oliver’s Labels says the following:

Photo Labels for older kids… Consider a gift of personalized photo labels for the older kids in your life. We know of kids beyond preschool, in fact elementary and high school kids that can’t get enough of these. They love to put these labels with their picture on laptops, iphones, ipods, other electronics and books. An added bonus for Mom and Dad – if stuff gets lost, we can help reconnect you while protecting your family’s personal information by adding our unique Found-itTM code to the labels. Visit our website for more information

Always a great practical gift… Why not consider a Gift Card? An easy and practical gift for your friends and family. Visit our website for more information

Consider sending a Starter Package… Always a popular gift for new parents in your life. Contains Original Labels for cups and toys, Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels for clothes and Small Tags for backpacks and jacket zippers. Visit our website for more information

We just know that you and your readers will find all our products are fun, durable and practical – and a great idea for giving!