If you are looking for a real scare this Halloween, look no further than the MILESTONE 25TH YEAR OF UNIVERSAL ORLANDO’S HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS. Most of the evening I attended with my beau, I had my eyes shut and was scared to near death.

Halloween feature

[quote align=’right’]The epic 25th year of the nation’s best Halloween event, Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights, opens tonight, marking the beginning of the biggest, longest and most intense event in history. The master of horror, Jack the Clown, has returned as the event’s ultimate icon, and he’s assembled the most maniacal myriad of monsters imaginable.[/quote]

I am a scared little girl when it comes to anything related to horror, and I was fiercely clinging to my boyfriend’s waist with my eyes squeezed shut for most of the evening. This year, Universal Halloween Horror Nights hosted NINE elaborate haunted houses! I thought I was afraid of just Freddy vs. Jason. Who knew how much more was in store!


Halloween horror nights

I honestly could not tell you what any of the houses looked like but I know they sounded scary as all get out. I think it is scarier with your eyes shut and I will not ever get that voice out of my head, “Why are you hiding?” Just CREEPY!

Halloween Block Party

There are five unique scare zones where crazy people recently released from the insane asylum, or characters out of the horror flicks you grew up with are chasing you with chainsaws or scaring you when you least expect it. See what Jason from Nail Travels had to say about the trip: Halloween Horror Nights 25 I would have to say hands-down the tribute the original Horror Nights was my favorite. It was beautiful and fantastical.