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I am a foodie!  I love to shop for fresh food, cooking, baking it and most of all, eating it!  Some of my favorite foods are those that are spicy and sometimes on the fatty side.  I can’t help it, but I could eat Mexican food and have a bowl of ice cream for dessert every day!  Did I mention I am a huge coffee drinker?  I have often joked I would be better off with a continuous IV instead of drinking it by the cup.  I also love fresh fruits and my favorites are oranges and grapefruit, either whole or as a juice.  So, do you know what all these foods and drinks have in common other than their deliciousness?  They give me horrible heartburn.  I have had heartburn so severe that I actually thought I was having a heart attack because the pain was so intense and was in my upper chest.  After seeing a doctor after that episode, he told me I suffered from frequent heartburn and acid reflux, which are similar in symptoms and treatment.  I know it is silly, but I would rather take medication for my heartburn instead of giving up man of my favorite foods.  My doctor told me to take Prilosec OTC and I did find relief after a few weeks on the medication.

An interesting thing happened while I was in nursing school that indirectly related to my heartburn issues.  We worked on the hospital floor under the supervision of a seasoned nurse several days a week while in school.  One of our homework assignments was to look at our patients charts, write down their medications, look them up and write down the specifics on index cards. We kept those cards with us so when we pulled the meds for our patient; we could refer to these cards.  I noticed after several weeks on the floor that a lot of my patients were taking the same medication; Omeprazole.  Guess what Omeprazole treats and is the active ingredient in the treatment of this illness.  You guessed it!  Heartburn!!  Omeprazole is the active ingredient in Prilosec OTC, which basically reduces the activity of your gastric juices, which causes the heartburn or acid reflux.  I could not believe the hospital was prescribing the generic version of Prilosec OTC!  When I asked one of the doctors why they did this, he told me it saved the patients hundreds of dollars each year to buy the generic versus the name brand.  Guess where he told me most of his patients purchased their Omeprazole?  None other than my favorite store in the world; Wal-Mart!

I could not believe that Wal-Mart carried Omeprazole exclusively and at a huge savings over Prilosec OTC.  When comparing the average costs, the 42 count of Prilosec OTS is 25% more than the same count of Omeprazole at Wal-Mart!  I could not believe the difference!  While doing my research, I found that not only did the Omeprazole from Wal-Mart meet the FDA quality standards for the treatment of frequent heartburn, but often exceeds those standards. When I crunched the numbers between the two, I saw that I could save over $75 per year by making the switch from Prilosec OTC to Omeprazole from Wal-Mart!  With those savings, I can buy my favorite combo platter from my favorite Mexican restaurant once a month for a year!!  Now, that is awesome!!

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