When on a budget, being a cool mom seems like a mission impossible – the cool kids have most recent gadgets, their moms are wearing designer clothes, and you’re worried about how to make your ends meet after covering all the urgent expenses.

But there are ways to achieve this without maxing out your credit card or going broke.

Sell Your Old Clothes

If there are clothing items in your or your kids’ wardrobe you have no intention of wearing, you can put some extra bucks in your budget by selling them, and make room for some new clothing pieces you will love.

Go through your and your kids’ closets and you’ll surely find quite a few items you can sell. Just make sure the clothes are in good condition and cleans, as well as that all the stains are washed out. You can try to sell them online or take them to the nearest second-hand store. 

Another possibility is taking your clothes to a consignment store. When all the items you’ve donated are sold, you’ll get a credit you can use for purchasing, so you’ll practically exchange things you don’t use for the items you need. This goes for your kids’ toys too, as well as books, furniture, practically anything that is in good shape.

Shop for Quality Cheap Jewelry

If you’re like me, you probably can’t leave the house without completing your look without a few pieces of jewelry. Being on a budget doesn’t have to change your styling habits, you just need to know what, where and when to look for some stunning quality pieces. 

  • Opt for imitation or lab-grown gemstones, as well as for materials such as sterling silver, silver, and titanium as they are lighter on your pocket.
  • Use seasonal sales, like those for Christmas or Thanksgiving, as you can find discounts easy and purchase really great pieces for much lower prices.
  • You get a much better deal when you buy jewelry in a set, and you can choose whether you’ll wear it that way, or combine the pieces with other jewelry.

From time to time you can treat yourself for an amazing piece you can’t get your mind off, and let it be your trademark, something others will remember you by. For something cool like that, take a look at Moon Magic jewelry.

Go Thrift Shopping

When you’re in need of some cool clothing items, you can check out the thrift shops, both brick-and-mortar stores or online ones. There are many wonderful pieces you can find online, and offer purchase them for more than affordable sums – I once got a lovely pair of 200$ Neiman Marcus’ leather knee boots for 35$. Just imagine- thirty-five dollars. 

You can also take your kids to a thrift shop too, asking them to help you choose a few items. When they see all the pieces there, maybe they’ll find something they like too, and you can offer them to buy it. It’s important not to try to push your kids into purchasing things they don’t want, as they need to develop their own style. 

Look For Refurbished Electronics

Cool kids have cool gadgets, that’s how the story is today. These tech items can be quite expensive and put a hole in your pocket if you decide to give your kids a treat. Fortunately, there is a way you can supply your kid with all the devices their peers use, such as tablets, laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles and do so for a much affordable price, if you opt for a refurbished version. The only difference you will ever notice will be in price.

If you’re a cool mom, living on budget won’t change that fact, as being cool is a state of mind and not your clothing. But with these tips, you can have it all.