Just One Way to Save Money

A guest post by Sarah from Look What I Got For Free -You can guest post too!

We all know that you can save money by buying used clothes at yard sales and thrift stores. But what if you don’t like wearing “other people’s clothes”? If you look in the right places, you can find TONS of NEW CLOTHES WITH TAGS for very low prices! This past Saturday, I bought a brand new Tommy Hilfiger shirt with tags at a yard sale. It was marked from $58 to $24.99, and my price was $1.00! What a beauty – this sure satisfied my shopping craving!

My husband bought almost-new t-shirts, Ralph Lauren Chaps dress shirts, a silk tie, and Haggar khaki pants. Work clothes are so expensive, and saving money on these items really helps. We got 3 grocery bags full of clothes for $8 total. I can tell you that it makes us smile each morning when we get dressed wearing our fabulous deals!


How do you know where to look for these types of great deals? Think about the “good part” of town. Where is the area that everyone wants to live and send their kids to school? That is the area where you need to be on Saturday mornings! In the past, I have bought $50 jeans for a quarter, leather coats, and many new clothes with tags at yard sales. While shopping at outdoor yard sales is my favorite, our local thrift store adds new clothes to the racks daily! Choose a day a week and do some browsing. You never know what you might find, and the proceeds usually go to charity.

I save money many other ways by using coupons, requesting free samples, and entering sweepstakes and blog giveaways. I have won so many cool things this year, like gift cards, dvd movies, movie tickets, and even food. Please check out my blog to see how I do it! New followers are always welcome.